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Holden International is a global sales training and consulting firm. By presenting sales as a management science and creating customized training, we help our clients understand and replicate sustainable sales performance across their organization.
As an industry pioneer founded in 1979, we have helped more than 700,000 sellers in 35 countries gain a non-traditional competitive advantage by sharpening how they sell to increase the value of what they sell.  To join in, contact us today.
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Innovative Research: #1 Best Selling Book

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Insight from 28,000 seller surveys and 50,000 deal reviews shows how high performing sellers leverage three intangibles-- politics, unexpected value, and compete sales strategy-- to maximize the value they create for their customers, company, and career.
To see how you can apply these lessons to your sales opportunities and training environment, order your copy today.

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Meet The Authors

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Listen to Jim and Ryan discuss how you can apply unconventional thinking to winning business, helping customers, and creating sustainable performance systems.
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A place to connect with your peers online; access valuable insight that helps you stay current with the latest industry trends. Not a member? Join here.

Understanding Sales as a Management Science

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  Empirically crafted, tested, and refined over the past 20 years, the model measures sales effectiveness and sheds light on where an organization should focus to achieve sustainable performance.
What if everyone in your sales and marketing organization takes a giant step forward this year? Imagine creating a world class employee development offering which is relevant to all stages of sellers within your organization, measurable to all parties involved, and ultimately adopted and reinforced by your corporate culture. That is sustainable, high-octane performance. If you are in pursuit of excellence, contact us today.
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See Our Clients' Results
  Aberdeen Group Reports that Holden Clients Experienced:
  • 3X the Average Deal Size
  • Increased Customer Renewal Rates
  • Higher Quota Attainment Among New & Experienced Reps
  • Shorter Average Sales Rep Time-to-Productivity
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